The National Credit Act Amendments and Regulations now effective 13 March 2015 and including the New Bill Amendments on Debt Intervention Published in 2018

Background of the Webinar New Legislation has changed the way we are able to collect debt. Consumers and Business are more protected and more aware of the rights then they where 10 years ago. This important workshop looks at techniques to improve your collection of outstanding debt and current legislation that governs your collection of […]

Coming to terms with the key compliance acts for companies POPI, PAIA, FICA, CPA, NCA, FAIS, KING 1V

The adverse effects of recent failures in corporate governance will result in businesses coming under closer scrutiny for compliance with laws and regulations. You need to train your staff on the important legislation applicable to your organisations Topics to be covered — Introduction to key Business Compliance Acts — Synergy between the various acts — […]