Effective Leadership Skills


Date(s) - 22/10/2018
12:00 am


Focus Rooms

About the event

This One day Interactive Seminar uses real life experiences and will provide you with tools to guide and
shape your potential to lead. By attending this seminar you will understand how to be an effective Leader at
work and in life.
You will learn how to get the best result from people by applying Leadership techniques such as creating
meaningful and powerful relationships, proactive planning and listening techniques. This Seminar will also
focus on how you can leverage your natural skills and gain critical experience to become to successful. The
facilitator’ will discuss the kind of legacy you can leave and how the company you work for should be
thingking about future leaders. This Seminar will review targeted behaviour as well as ideal topcis, approaches
, and other experiences that will help you to expand and reach the top of your game in your organisation.

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