IN House/On Site Training

Amongst other topics, 1 Group offers IN HOUSE workshops specifically tailored to your company needs and training outcomes.

These and other workshops are also available as public events

In House/On Site Training 

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Some of the areas covered include:

• Advanced Collection Skills and Credit Control.
 • Business Rescue in terms of the new Companies Act.
 • Cash Allocation and Reconciliation of Accounts.
 • Cheque Acceptance and Fraud Prevention.
 • Credit Applications and Terms and Conditions of Business (2 HOUR Workshop).
 • Credit Awareness for sales staff.
 • Debt Collection – The Legal Process.
 • Debt Collection and Business Rescue.
 • Debt Collection Techniques.
 • Effective Credit Control Methods and Procedures.
 • Effective Credit Management.
• International Financial Reporting Standards.
 • Leadership and Credit Control for Credit Team Leaders.
 • Practical Credit Assessment and Credit Control.
 • The Foundations of Successful collections: Credit and Collection Policies (Half Day).
 • The National Credit Act.
 • The Psychological Aspects of Debt Collection.
 • Time Management for Credit Staff.
 • Understanding Debtor Insolvency, Liquidation and Sequestration.
• Effective Telephone Debt Collection Techniques.
• National Credit Act, Business Rescue and Managing Debt Risk – 1 day Seminar.
• Effective Debt Negotiation Skills.


  • Companies Act and Regulations.
  • Consumer Protection Act.
  • Protection of Personal Information.
  • Understanding Law for Non Legal People.

Human Resources & Labour

• Collective Labour Law.
• Dealing with trouble areas at work – alcohol abuse, absenteeism, abscondment, late coming.
• Forensic Recruitment Techniques.
• How can I legally change my employees’ terms and conditions of employment.
• How to deal with collective or common purpose guilt of employees in misconduct?
• Is My worker an Employee or Independent Contractor.
• Pros and Cons of Permanent employment and fixed term employment.
• Solving the Millennial Dilemma.
• Understanding Probation clauses in an employment agreement.
• Ways to legally dismiss and employee.
• What are the rules in relation to picketing?
• What is an Automatic unfair dismissal?
• What is unfair Labour Practice?
• What remedies does the employer have when a strike occurs?
• When is a strike protected?
• When to Suspend and employee?
• Coming to terms with Changes in Labour Law and Keeping up with Case Law updates.
• Conflict Resolution.
• Dangers of terminating a fixed term employment agreement.
• How can a Union Gain Representation at your workplace?
• Understanding the differences between a normal and large scale dismissal for operational requirements.
• Unions rights in your workplace.


• Cyber Crime and Online Fraud.
• Effective Leadership skills for the Advancement of women in the workplace.
• Excel.
• Key Accounts Management.
• Leadership Training courses conducted by Members of the John Maxwell Team.
 • The Art of Service.
 • Sales Management.
• Project Risk Management.


  • Effective Communication in the workplace – written and Verbal.
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management.
  • Communication and PR Strategy.
  • Brand Management for PR and Communication.
  • Social Media and Content Marketing.
  • Change Management – The Role of PR.
  • Internal Communication.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Dealing with Media during a crisis.
  • Professional event Management.
  • Managing media relations and Conferences.
  • PR Campaigns and planning programmes.
  • Corporate Social Investment.

Benefits of IN HOUSE/ON SITE Training in your organisation:

  • Minimizes time away from work.
  • Courses can be tailor made to fit your companies needs.
  • Improve the performance and productivity of your staff.
  • More flexible in terms of when the course will take place.
  • IN HOUSE Training is a way of developing, focusing and motivating your staff.
  • IN HOUSE Training is more cost effective.