IN House/On Site Training

Amongst other topics, 1 Group offers IN HOUSE workshops specifically tailored to your company.

These and other workshops are also available as public events

In House/On Site Training 

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Some of the areas covered include:


•Advanced   Collection Skills and Credit Control.
 •Business Rescue in terms of the new   Companies Act
 •Cash Allocation and Reconciliation of   Accounts.
 •Cheque Acceptance and Fraud Prevention.
 •Credit Applications and Terms and   Conditions of Business (2 HOUR Workshop)
 •Credit Awareness for sales staff.
 •Debt Collection – The Legal Process.
 •Debt Collection and Business Rescue
 •Debt Collection Techniques
 •Effective Credit Control Methods and   Procedures.
 •Effective Credit Management.
  •International Financial Reporting   Standards
 •Leadership and Credit Control for Credit   Team Leaders.
 •Practical Credit Assessment and Credit   Control.
 •The Foundations of Successful collections:   Credit and Collection Policies (Half Day)
 •The National Credit Act
 •The Psychological Aspects of Debt Collection.
 •Time Management for Credit Staff.
 •Understanding Debtor Insolvency,   Liquidation and Sequestration.
•Effective   Telephone Debt Collection Techniques.
•National   Credit Act, Business Rescue and Managing Debt Risk – 1 day Seminar
•Telephone   Debt Collection


•Companies Act and Regulations

•Consumer Protection Act

•Protection of Personal Information

•Understanding Law for Non Legal People

 Human Resources & Labour

•   Collective Labour Law
•   Dealing with trouble areas at work – alcohol abuse, absenteeism,          abscondment, late coming.
•   Forensic Recruitment Techniques
•   How can I legally change my employees’ terms and conditions of employment
•   How to deal with collective or common purpose guilt of employees in   misconduct?
•   Is My worker an Employee or Independent Contractor
•   Pros and Cons of Permanent employment and fixed term employment
•   Solving the Millennial Dilemma
•   Understanding Probation clauses in an employment agreement
•   Ways to legally dismiss and employee
•   What are the rules in relation to picketing?
•   What is an Automatic unfair dismissal?
•   What is unfair Labour Practice?
•   What remedies does the employer have when a strike occurs?
•   When is a strike protected?
•   When to Suspend and employee?
•Coming   to terms with Changes in Labour Law and Keeping up with Case Law updates.
•Conflict   Resolution
•Dangers   of terminating a fixed term employment agreement
•How   can a Union Gain Representation at your workplace?
•Understanding   the differences between a normal and large scale dismissal for operational   requirements
•Unions   rights in your workplace


•Cyber   Crime and Online Fraud
•Effective   Leadership skills for the Advancement of women in the workplace
•Key   Accounts Management
•   Leadership Training courses conducted by Members of the John Maxwell Team
 •The Art of Service
 •Sales Management
•Project   Risk Management

Benefits of IN HOUSE/ON SITE Training in your organisation:

  • Minimizes time away from work
  • Courses can be tailor made to fit your companies needs
  • Improve the performance and productivity of your staff

More flexible in terms of when the course will take place

  • IN HOUSE Training is a way of developing, focusing and motivating your staff
  • IN HOUSE Training is more cost effective.