Telephone Debt Collection

Background of the Workshop

Having to collect payments is a problem that many businesses face. Dealing with this problem is an ongoing challenge and

vital function of your organisation. Many large Companies are increasingly extending their terms and delaying payment to

creditors, while small companies become excessive risks as longer payment periods increase the amount of the

outstanding debt. Businesses need to develop good communication skills and be persuasive to ensure that the

outstanding amounts owed to them are paid on time.

However, in an environment of increased competition, it is vital that outstanding debt is collected in a way that does not

antagonize or alienate a loyal customer.

This workshop has been specifically designed to provide the staff responsible for collecting debts with guidelines,

techniques, and strategies for discussing owed money in a customer friendly way. You will learn how to maintain a

relationship with your debtors, while conveying a message that will secure your payments.

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